Upgrade Single items & Fatpacks to Huds

Upgrade Single items & Fatpacks to Huds

If you have previously purchased one and want to upgrade please contact me.

It may cost you depending what you paid for ex:

.1 Color, it will cost you 99L

.Fatpack of 10 Colours. Free Upgrade to hud version

These prices are only a GUIDELINE it may cost more or less depending what you paid and the price of the hud.

Any questions please contact me

From Amethestpearl Resident

Owner of TRS Designs

Naughty VS Nice SLS 50L Per play

Naughty VS Nice SLS 50L Per play. Get your Free Kits here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SLS-Naughty-vs-Nice-FREE-KIT/16246528


This is NOT a gacha, NO prize repeats/duplicates. Each prize is won only once at random and will be no Transfer.

Grand prize: Can only be won if you buy all 10 normal prizes in the door AND have the VIP hunter kit which is 100L

Instructions: http://secondlifesyndicate.com/2018/12/16/naughty-vs-nice-is-here/