More sales!

while I was asleep 3 of my outfits were sold and one person left a 5 star review! How awesome.

Most people probably think ‘ oh that’s just a couple of sales doesn’t really make a difference ‘. But to me each sale is great cause it means I can make more stuff! 

New designs

okay these are new designs that I have made and uploaded onto marketplace in the past few days. Took me ages to make these product photos now I got to take the photos down , redo them, add appliers to the items and send to marketplace. Being a designer is hard word but it is worth it!  


Old designs 

Here is a few old designs that I have taken down ( don’t the product photos look horrible) what was I thinking with I made these photos? Oh well. The outfits will be applied up and new product photos will go up yay!  



There are all these different appliers these days so many! Can’t name them all

So I decided that it’s about time that I started adding appliers to my designs.

First i will start off with Omega appliers and see what else I can figure out how to make ( I personally hate them)